Cannabis & Tech Today is a quarterly publication specializing in technological advancements, business innovations, and popular culture pertaining to the marijuana industry. We are enhancing consumer awareness, reducing societal stigma, and fostering a culture of acceptance, responsibility, and inventiveness within the cannabis community.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Cannabis & Tech Today is seated in the epicenter of America’s cannabis industry, which continues to expand nationwide. Our publication is passionate about evolving the science of cannabis and enlightening our readers with insightful content. We advocate sustainable cultivation and harvesting of marijuana and promote its use in medical applications. Whether you’re looking for insights into legislation, inspiring business profiles, exclusive interviews with trendsetters in the industry, or cutting-edge products, let Cannabis & Tech Today be your guide.


Our mission is to lift the veil on this budding industry, celebrate its innovations, destigmatize the products, and educate the market.

How do we do that?  We build lasting partnerships with innovative brands to bring our audience value and help build our partners’ businesses in the process.

Cannabis & Tech Today is not another life-style magazine. We blend the science, cutting-edge technologies, news, and innovative pro les businesses and consumers crave. The recurring sections include:


Cannabis & Tech Today is a global leader of a new publishing model we call “New Print” – a strategy that GfK Research found has a 120% ROI.

Leveraging ultra-premium print quality ($9.99 per issue), a multi-channel digital distribution strategy, and our growing list of global event partners, we ensure our award-winning content and our advertising partners get in front of the largest possible audience.

A few highlights include:

  • 75,000 print impressions per quarter
  • 3:1 pass along readership (our magazine doesn’t get thrown away)
  • 275,000 digital impressions per quarter
  • National newsstand distribution
  • Onsite distribution at major cannabis events